Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I'm not crazy!

Today I thought I was going to lose my mind. I felt like I had a million things to do and Sweetpea was testing me, needing me, ripping the house to shreds, etc. and therefore I couldn't accomplish one single thing!

I decided to take a shower, and it took only 3 hours for me to complete that process. First, she had to come into the bathroom while I was in there, which made the shower longer because I had to keep telling her, "no, don't flush the toilet, no, don't put the flattening iron in the water." You get the picture. Then, while I was getting dressed she figured out how to get all the way out of her pajamas AND DIAPER and started running around the freezing cold house naked. She, for one, thought it was hilarious. I got her dressed, and settled down and we went to the living room to eat, and watch a little Blues Clues. While I was trying to do my hair, she got up to go play and slipped on something on the hard wood, fell down and started crying. I was like, "what the heck did you slip on?....oh, a puddle...is that pee???" Yeah, she had peed on the floor while she was running around naked! UUUUUGGG. Do you ever feel like saying to your child, "mommy needs a little space right now, and I think it would do you some good too, sooooo you play in here, and I'll be on the computer." This is how she was all day. I felt like every other word out of my mouth was "NO." I kept picturing what my life would be like on a day like this with a newborn stuck on my boob to add to the madness!

Finally I escaped next door to bible study. We listened to a Beth Moore study, which discussed 1 Timothy 1:7 - For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline.
She was talking to me when she said the devil is after your mind and wants you to feel like your losing it. Oh wow, that is exactly what I needed. I almost didn't make it tonight because Sweetpea was hanging on to my leg with her runny nose when I was trying to leave. I'm so glad I did. Faith drives the sound mind and I am going to need lots and lots of it in a few more months (God is probably prepping me now so that I understand I need it EVERY day). What a blessing these studies, my neighbor and all the girls in the group have become! I feel like my family is where we are supposed to be right now.

When I got home, Sweetface had fed Sweetpea, we gave her a bath, she cried when we took her out because she wanted to draw in the tub (oh yeah, she only had a 1 hour nap today and she usually sleeps at least 2), I wrestled with her to get her pajamas on, read her a book...and then, she closed the book, put her arms around me and without me saying anything to her said, "I love you (she says "I Lou")." She curled up on my lap and passed out! She usually doesn't fall asleep until she is in her crib, but I think she was also worn out from the day we had. That little girl made my heart melt and almost (ALMOST) forget about the long day. I was reminded tonight, that I have been given the mind of Christ, which is SOUND and sane. Panic never leads to rational decisions, so I need to relax, take a deep breath and know that He is in control. He has blessed me with my girl that I've been dreaming of since I was a child and then again with the baby on the way. Parenting can be draining and hectic (and I don't even know the half of it yet), but boy is it rewarding.

Thank GOD that Sweetpea is not like this everyday. I think it was a combo of her runny nose (she hates it), her nose getting chapped, our house being cold, and being cooped up all day. But anyway, I am happy we got through it, I have a few moments to myself and will be ready for a new day at 6:30 am.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Saturated fat that will change your life (for the better)

A few people have been asking me about coconut oil lately, so I thought I would share the info I have found from extensive research with all of you.

For a while, coconut oil got a bad reputation for being a saturated fat and the general public turned to other oils such as canola (which actually makes you fatter and messes with your hormones). Instead of writing a book on my blog about it, I will give you a list of the benefits of coconut oil.

~Increases your metabolic rate (weight loss)
~Natural laxative (weight loss)
When added regularly to a balanced diet, lowers cholesterol to normal by promoting its conversion into pregnenolone
~One of the best natural nutrition for hair
~Anti aging when applied to skin and also is good for treating various skin problems including psoriasis, dermatitis, and eczema.
~ Anti aging when ingested
~Protects against the damage to heart cells
~Improves digestive system and prevents IBS
~ Anti microbial properties help deal with various bacteria, fungi, parasites etc. that cause indigestion
~Helps absorption of other nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and amino acids
~Strengthens immune system

I've been using coconut oil for a year or so in some of my skin care potions and cooking with it. I also put it in smoothies and cream of wheat for Sweetpea. This, along with some other nutritional habits helped me loose all (plus more) of my "baby weight" after she was born. And yes, using natural ingredients instead of store bought synthetic lotion (cosmetics in general) does help with weight loss. Most lotion is made with chemicals and can cause estrogen dominance. When this happens, it makes it very hard to shed pounds because estrogen is in fat cells and your body starts to hold on to the estrogen (fat). Even when you are hardly eating and working a lot (trust me, this is extraordinary frustrating, I know from experience). Don't forget, whatever you put on your skin is absorbed into your body. When ordering your coconut oil, please make sure that it is good quality (organic, not refined, no chemicals added, no bleaching, no deodorization, no hydr0genation, made from traditional coconut palms only, no hybrid or genetically modified varieties, made from fresh coconuts not the dried "copra" used in cheap oils, made without heat processing). I order mine from www.mercola.com.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I'm wondering if we will all dress up for Halloween every year til Sweetpea goes away to college. Hopefully she won't be the type who gets embarrassed at cool things her parents do like have coordinating Halloween costumes. Or posing like this in front of the camera:

Seriously, I don't know what comes over me when I get in front of a camera by myself. I have this urge that I can't ignore to pose in the cheesiest way possible! Anyway, this year we were 2 bees and a bee keeper.

I liked our costumes from last year better. So next year I will have to spend more time on them instead of throwing them together at the last minute. Here we are last year:

Sweetpea enjoyed Halloween this time around. She didn't know what to think at first with all the kids dressed up running around asking for candy. Then she started handing the candy out and she was so sweet! As the night went on and she started getting tired the kids would come up and say "trick or treat" and I'd say, "give them candy!" Sweetpea started saying "NOOOOOO" every time. At least they thought it was funny. I told the kids that was their trick and to run along without giving them the candy. He he. JK jk. Well, this has been the most boring post yet. Sorry. I'm tired, I'm going to go to bed soon. Better post next time!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Quick Update

Hi! I'm sorry I haven't posted anything in so long. I need to go to bed right now, but I have a few spare minutes that I can give to you.

So Sweetface graduated and we moved and are living our new life! Sweetpea is adjusting perfectly to the changes and is loving her new house and big yard. However, it breaks my heart when she looks up at me every once in a while and says "Mi mi, Papa." Then the other day I told her we were going to see her little cousin and she said "Ju ju!" (her friend from back home). I know she misses everyone. She looks at a picture of my family and says all of their names like she's reminiscing. But hopefully they will come visit soon! We have a few visitors lined up to come down, so I am excited about that!

We are all unpacked now, but I still have to wait to decorate! There are other things we have to spend our money on at the moment, so I guess I will just get more practice being patient.

Oh, and we have some red ant piles in our back yard that we are trying to get rid of, but we don't want to use any chemical products on our yard, so here are a few things that we tried. I will tell you if they work!

1. Mixed baking soda and powdered sugar and put them on the colony. They want to eat the sugar and then they also ingest the baking soda, and the baking soda is supposed to react with some kind of acid in their body and they die.
2. Picked up some ants from one colony and put them on a rival ant pile. This one is just plain amusing.
3. Apple cider vinegar.

Ok, that's all I have for you at the moment. I've got to go wash my face, apply my anti aging serum, and read for a little while.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thinking about Sweetpea's room

We found a house!! Well, actually my mother-in-law found us a house and I haven't even seen it in person! But she said it was my kind of house and I trust her (she knows what I like) so I am exciiiiited! Now, the important stuff. I have to decide how to decorate Sweetpea's room. The floor in her room was hand painted in the 1920's or something and can't be painted over so I have to work around it. This is what it looks like....

I had visions of a pink room with a big white shadow of a little girl on the wall, pottery barn like bedding, and a fancy little girl chandelier, but now I'm going to have to change it around. At least I haven't bought anything yet. I really like this decal, and I can change the pink hearts to red hearts to match the floor...

I just don't know what kind of bedding to look for. Most of the girl's bedding I've seen has pink in it, and I think pink would clash with the floor.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Love this family

I've been following this family online for a few years now. Every few months I'll remember them and go to their website to see how they are doing. They are probably viewed as "odd" to most people, but I find them absolutely intriguing! They are raw food vegans that promote a simple "back to nature" lifestyle. The father, Storm, is 60 and looks about 35. Jinjee is the wife of Storm and mother of 5 children! She looks very young, beautiful, and fit, and is 42. All 5 of their children are being raised on an exclusive raw vegan diet and they have such a healthy glow about them and seem very intelligent for their ages.
If you want to check them out for yourself their website is www.thegardendiet.com.

This is Jinjee. 7 months pregnant on the left, and 10 days after giving birth on the right.

The reason I admire this family, is because they truly value their body, which benefits their mind and overall well being. Instead of watching other people pretend to live on TV, they ARE LIVING and enjoying it. I would LOVE to grow my own food, go on adventures in the wilderness like they do, practice yoga every day, and not really have to make much money because I can make most of what I need . I want my children to know how to be self sufficient and "live off the land," know that their bodies are temples and should be treated with respect, be conscious of what they put in their mouth's, and dance and run and just MOVE!

I am not there yet (probably won't ever be as hard core as them), but I'm working on it. They have inspired me to eat more raw nuts, fruits and vegetables, and reduce the amount of dairy in my diet, and almost eliminate garbage (food with NO nutritional value) from touching my lips (I do have my weak days still, like weekends, ahem!). I don't think I will ever stop eating meat or eggs because nobody has convinced me that I don't need them yet. I like to make some of my own beauty products and find that they work wonderfully. After gradually doing these things, I have noticed a gradual improvement of my overall health (balanced hormones, clear skin, easily getting rid of "baby weight," etc.). Once we move (35 more days!!) I want to start doing hot yoga again, and then I will be even closer to homeostasis! Maybe I won't live in their village made of earth friendly materials and plenty of space for your animals and garden, but I WILL visit their Raw Spa in California one day.


You have to watch this cute video produced by their 13 year old daughter. She composed the song, and the little girl dancing and singing is her 6 year old sister.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Don't forget to brush your body!

Have you ever used one of these?

If you're like me, then you've seen these brushes around, maybe used them once, but after scrubbing your body a little in the shower didn't use it again because the bristles are too rough! Well, I finally figured out the proper way to use these brushes, and it's not in the shower. It's a body brush, but AKA a dry brush. You use it before you get into the shower on your dry skin. Body brushing can get rid of, and prevent cellulite, stimulate blood and lymph flow, exfoliate the skin, and encourages new cell growth. I read that it also helps ADD, but you will have to research that on your own, because I haven't looked into it that much.

To brush your body, start with your feet and go up the leg with long, light, brisk movements. All skin brushing movements should be towards the heart, to encourage the return of blood and promote lymphatic flow. You should concentrate on areas that are prone to cellulite (ie, the thighs). Then move to your stomach and use a circular clockwise motion. Next, brush your arms from your wrist and over your shoulders the same way you did your legs (toward your heart). And then you can do your back a little if you can reach it, or you could have a friend do it for you. The first few times you do it, it might hurt a little, but try not to do it too hard, because it could irritate your skin. I always do it in the morning while I'm waiting for the water in the shower to heat up. It really helps me wake up too! I bought my brush from the Body Shop
for $12 (see below), but any one will do.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Wine + Painting = Really Fun

Last night a friend and I went to this place in East Cobb called Sips n' Strokes. You pay $25 and go to a room full (about 60) of women (we tried to talk our significant others into coming with us next time because it would be hilarious, but haven't convinced them yet). Sips provides the paint, brushes, canvas, cups for drinks, and an instructor on a stage to guide amateurs into creating a masterpiece of their own. Everyone paints the same thing, but everyone has their own interpretation of the original painting. What helps get the creative juices flowing, is that you are allowed to bring alcohol if you want! We brought wine, but some people brought backpacks full of stuff like beer, cheese, crackers, fruit, liquor, and sandwiches. It was so much fun!! I haven't painted since I was 10 or so, so I was scared to see what my painting would look like. I have to say, I am satisfied and surprised at how mine turned out! It was neat looking around at everyone else's too because there were no 2 alike. We are definitely going again, but next time we will be more prepared and bring a backpack full of goodies. If you would like to go, you can visit www.sipsnstrokes.com to see the calendar for upcoming paintings.

This is what the original painting looks like

This is how mine turned out

Thursday, August 13, 2009

I want this...

...but can't have it now. I want to get something like this to wear to one of Sweetface's little football games he likes to go to. I don't really like orange or purple. But I love white, and having the orange shoes (below) would add all the school spirit needed to tailgate with him and his tiger friends.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


When I found out I was pregnant with little Sweetpea, Sweetface had 2 years of school left and I was working full time. I had planned on continuing to work to put food on the table and a roof over our head...Then I held that little girl for the first time in my arms and it was all over...I couldn't let someone else raise her. I missed her when she was sleeping, and would watch her sleep. I've wanted to be a mother since I was 2 years old! Is that weird? My little brother was born when I was 2, and I would carry him around and dress him up and pretend he was my baby.

My baby bro and me

Anyway, Sweetface works part-time as a bartender for a catering company. He only works when he doesn't have to study which ends up being 3 or 4 nights a month (sometimes more). I decided to go back to work part-time (for the same company I was with before as a seminar host and I am thankful to them for working with my schedule), which ends up being 4 or 5 days a month. My mom babysits (for free) while I work, so I know my baby is in good hands.

I honestly didn't know how we would make it through financially for the remaining time Sweetface was in school...I pray every night for God to support us and provide for us. I was thinking about all this today and looking at our bank accounts and can't believe we have made it 15 months on two part-time salaries with money to spare!! God has answered my prayers, been with us the whole time and has supported us and provided for us. I try to think about all the little things that made a difference: I stopped shopping as much, we moved to a 1 bedroom apt, we have received numerous gifts for Sweetpea to get her through the first year, we have received checks from family members to help out, my mama has bought our groceries during low income months, we had free health insurance for Sweetpea, big tax refund, our vacations were paid for by his parents, we had mold in a storage closet and got a nice check from our renters insurance company for stuff we didn't even use anymore and got to stay at a nice hotel on them for a weekend, Christmas gifts, Birthday gifts, extra student loan money...I'm probably forgetting things, but I am overwhelmed with thankfulness. We are safe, healthy, and moving up in the world! All I know is, I will never judge other people by their clothes, their home size, or their job because you don't know where they have been or where they are going. I will always be kind to servers and people just trying to get ahead because we have BEEN THERE. I hope that there is a way we will be able to repay our family for being so generous during this time. I'm sure we will think of something. But for now, I have to get ready for bed, and ready for another day I don't have to work, and get to play with my little Sweetpea.

The day she was born. Love at first sight.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Satisfying and healthy dessert

For anyone out there who is actually reading this blog, I appolagize for not updating in a long while. I've been busy taking Sweetpea to the pool, going on walks with Sweetface, working a little, had a girls night, hung out with my long lost high school buddies who I miiiiiissss so much, the usual cleaning and upkeep of our teeny tiny home, and I've been getting ready for our move down South (which will happen in 56 days)!

As Sweetpea sleeps and Sweetface studies, I am entertaining myself, and maybe you, on the computer while eating one of my favorite desserts. My recipe is listed below, but you will have to forgive me, because I never measure any of my ingrediants so you will have to add yours "to taste."

AP's Satisfying Raspberry Yogurt

-Raspberries (fresh or frozen, I use frozen because it makes the yogurt really cold): about a handful
-Plain Organic Greek Yogurt (I prefer Stonyfield Farms) : 2 or 3 spoonfuls
- Raw Almonds : about 8
- Semi-sweet chocolate chips (do NOT go overboard with these) : about 10

First put the raspberries in a bowl and put the yogurt on top. Smash or crush it all together so the yogurt is a nice bright pink color. Then add the almonds and chocolate chips. Mix and enjoy! Too easy huh? And did you know that's how you spell raspberry? I just figured that out.

Now, I will explain why this is so healthy. The raspberries are rich in vitamin C, folate, iron and potassium. Raspberries also provide high amounts of insoluble fiber (thanks to all those little seeds) as well as respectable amounts of the soluble fiber pectin, which helps control cholesterol levels. The fruit is a good source of ellagic acid and other cancer-fighting antioxidants. Since cooking does not destroy these compounds, raspberry jam may also be beneficial (FYI).

Yogurt is simply milk or cream that is cultured with active live cultures. These cultures are the key to many of yogurt’s health benefits. Active live cultures are basically good bacteria that are necessary for the body to function at its best. These good bacteria prevent the growth of harmful bacteria that cause bacterial infections and diseases. Healthy levels of good bacteria also promote digestive health and boost the immune system. Good bacteria prevent imbalances in the body’s yeast levels, which can prevent various types of yeast infections. It has been shown that good bacteria can also prevent urinary tract infections. Active live cultures actually reduce yogurt’s level of lactose, making yogurt a delicious dairy alternative for anyone who is lactose intolerant.

Raw almonds, the heartbeat of all nuts, literally, have been associated with reduced risk of heart disease, a rich source of calcium, magnesium, vitamin E, protein, fiber and antioxidants to name a few. Now, these once amazing and life enhancing health benefits have become devastatingly reduced if not completely eliminated in the pasteurization process. That's why I recommend raw :)

Chocolate chips have some anti-oxidant properties, but they also make you feel good and make this dessert satisfying, but should be consumed in moderation.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Chemical Free Bug Spray

Most insect repellents you buy in the store contain chemicals and toxic aromas that are masked by synthetic fragrances. Although they seem to have no harm in small doses, using them all summer long will cause the toxins to build up in your body because everything you put on your skin is absorbed into your bod, because your skin is your biggest organ! I can't have this for my baby or me so I made my own bug spray. We tried it this summer and it actually worked! Sweetface saw a mosquito fly near him and then buzz off while he was wearing the home made spray. If you would like to try it for yourself, here is the recipe. The ingredients can be found at your local health food grocer or online. Make sure you buy quality organic products for best results.

"Fend Off" Herbal Oil Insect Repellent

1/2 cup soybean base oil

15 drops each of the following essential oils: lemongrass; geranium; catnip

10 drops basil or eucalyptus radiate essential oil

Add all ingredients directly to a storage container (I prefer a glass spray bottle - bought mine at Harry's in Marietta). Shake the mixture vigorously to blend. Allow the oil to synergize for 1 hour. Use within 6 to 12 months.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Our new bedroom decor

I just noticed that my last post was all underlined which means it's a link? Oh well, I will get used to this...

Sweetface has 2 more months of school left, and then we will be Dr. and Mrs.!! I am counting down the seconds til our next chapter in life. In the meantime, I am plotting out our home sweet home.

I'm going through a stage where I LOVE old fashioned everything...So while secretly watching the Tori and Dean show (ug, it's worse than it sounds), I jumped for joy when I saw their bedroom because we have similar bed clothes that we got as a wedding gift! Of course we will have to work on our current bedroom furniture (I've been checking out craigslist every few days), but if we get the paint and curtains our room is going to look fresh, clean, and straight from the 1950's.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Reason for the name, reason for the blog

I used to wonder why in the world someone would want to display their personal thoughts, feelings, dreams, whatever, online for the world to see. I used to get so annoyed when people would get involved in my business, because, um, it's mine! Then I realized something the other day that seemed to have slipped my mind... I was shopping at TJMaxx with my childhood friend who happens to have a little boy 3 weeks younger than my girl. We had stopped at Chick fil A to get one of the new smaller sized milkshakes. This was the first time Sweetpea had ever had ice cream or a milkshake so I decided that since she is 14 months now, she was old enough to try it. After taking a few sips, she smiled and laughed and wanted me to drink some too. The light in her eyes as I laughed with her reminded me of that movie "Into the Wild," when the guy who had isolated himself from all human contact to live his dream in the wilderness wrote his dying words on his bus..."happiness only real when shared." Sweetpea reminded me of how important it is to share your personal thoughts, feelings, dreams, whatever with others to thoroughly enjoy them yourself. I have a sweet husband (who I call Sweetface), I have a family, I have friends. But I have a hunch (maybe because of the glazed over blank stare he gives me) when I share some of the girly things that interest me, (like how if you rub strawberries on your teeth it actually whitens them, or about the shoes I saw at the mall that were 50% off, or that I found out today that if you're going to have bangs, you have to cut them from eyebrow edge to eyebrow edge for them to look right, or how I'm going to decorate our bedroom in the near future etc) is kind of boring for my manly hubby. Plus, now that my full time job is being a mother, I only work 1 or 2 days a week and definitely don't get out as much as I used to...So guess what? I'm going to share my whatever with you lucky people!! Hope you enjoy. Feel free to comment on anything.Posted by Picasa