Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thinking about Sweetpea's room

We found a house!! Well, actually my mother-in-law found us a house and I haven't even seen it in person! But she said it was my kind of house and I trust her (she knows what I like) so I am exciiiiited! Now, the important stuff. I have to decide how to decorate Sweetpea's room. The floor in her room was hand painted in the 1920's or something and can't be painted over so I have to work around it. This is what it looks like....

I had visions of a pink room with a big white shadow of a little girl on the wall, pottery barn like bedding, and a fancy little girl chandelier, but now I'm going to have to change it around. At least I haven't bought anything yet. I really like this decal, and I can change the pink hearts to red hearts to match the floor...

I just don't know what kind of bedding to look for. Most of the girl's bedding I've seen has pink in it, and I think pink would clash with the floor.

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