Monday, August 31, 2009

Love this family

I've been following this family online for a few years now. Every few months I'll remember them and go to their website to see how they are doing. They are probably viewed as "odd" to most people, but I find them absolutely intriguing! They are raw food vegans that promote a simple "back to nature" lifestyle. The father, Storm, is 60 and looks about 35. Jinjee is the wife of Storm and mother of 5 children! She looks very young, beautiful, and fit, and is 42. All 5 of their children are being raised on an exclusive raw vegan diet and they have such a healthy glow about them and seem very intelligent for their ages.
If you want to check them out for yourself their website is

This is Jinjee. 7 months pregnant on the left, and 10 days after giving birth on the right.

The reason I admire this family, is because they truly value their body, which benefits their mind and overall well being. Instead of watching other people pretend to live on TV, they ARE LIVING and enjoying it. I would LOVE to grow my own food, go on adventures in the wilderness like they do, practice yoga every day, and not really have to make much money because I can make most of what I need . I want my children to know how to be self sufficient and "live off the land," know that their bodies are temples and should be treated with respect, be conscious of what they put in their mouth's, and dance and run and just MOVE!

I am not there yet (probably won't ever be as hard core as them), but I'm working on it. They have inspired me to eat more raw nuts, fruits and vegetables, and reduce the amount of dairy in my diet, and almost eliminate garbage (food with NO nutritional value) from touching my lips (I do have my weak days still, like weekends, ahem!). I don't think I will ever stop eating meat or eggs because nobody has convinced me that I don't need them yet. I like to make some of my own beauty products and find that they work wonderfully. After gradually doing these things, I have noticed a gradual improvement of my overall health (balanced hormones, clear skin, easily getting rid of "baby weight," etc.). Once we move (35 more days!!) I want to start doing hot yoga again, and then I will be even closer to homeostasis! Maybe I won't live in their village made of earth friendly materials and plenty of space for your animals and garden, but I WILL visit their Raw Spa in California one day.

You have to watch this cute video produced by their 13 year old daughter. She composed the song, and the little girl dancing and singing is her 6 year old sister.

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