Saturday, July 25, 2009

Our new bedroom decor

I just noticed that my last post was all underlined which means it's a link? Oh well, I will get used to this...

Sweetface has 2 more months of school left, and then we will be Dr. and Mrs.!! I am counting down the seconds til our next chapter in life. In the meantime, I am plotting out our home sweet home.

I'm going through a stage where I LOVE old fashioned everything...So while secretly watching the Tori and Dean show (ug, it's worse than it sounds), I jumped for joy when I saw their bedroom because we have similar bed clothes that we got as a wedding gift! Of course we will have to work on our current bedroom furniture (I've been checking out craigslist every few days), but if we get the paint and curtains our room is going to look fresh, clean, and straight from the 1950's.

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  1. I would love to help you with your new place! Those are great pics. If you like the chair in the corner, I can get you one at Pier 1 for 20% off, or they often have them at Homegoods. The lamps will fit in perfectly with the 50's look. Funny, I bought very similar lamps for our bedroom (the balls are silver instead of clear).